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Summer School on Rosicrucian Philosophy

Rosicrucian Healing Prayer Group in Madison Summer Schools Annotation     

2013 Invitation  Rosicrucian Conclave

Summer School on the Philosophy of the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

The Evolutionary Creation & Soul Growth

August 19 through August 23, 2013

Lecturer, Richard Koepsel has taught astrology, philosophy, mythology, Shakespeare and related subjects for over 45 years at his bookshop, Microcosm, in Madison, Wisconsin. Retired now for several years from his lifelong occupation, he travels and lectures widely. During an interview that Richard gave 7 years ago to Cathy Smith of The Edge, he explained: ―In Christian mysticism, the soul body is called the Golden Wedding Garment. It literally is like the heroine in Rumpelstiltskin who takes the straw and weaves it into gold. Every time we do something from the goodness of our heart for someone else, we build into ourselves another little curl of that golden light, and the more of that that we have, the more our intuition can bypass the mind, and bypass the desire nature.

"Spiritual things are like a sunset. Once you take something that is unbounded and spiritual by nature, and then revalue it, which amounts to devaluing it, then you have debased and you have lost the spiritual essence. I think a lot of things need to be seen in the essence that they’re free for the effort. You put the effort in, you live by cause and consequence, you become what is necessary to move on to the next stage of evolution." ( Richard Koepsel)

Richard Koepsel has been a student of The Rosicrucian Fellowship for just about 50 years (August 1963). His view of it all is "Freely have ye received, now freely give".

Richard Koepsel have spent most of his life delving into the philosophy of the Rosicrucian Fellowship via the writings of Max Heindel. This was done to understand reality better, and with that understanding, to try to help others understand and appreciate reality better, thereby hastening the day of Christ. In this effort he has made quite a few extensions and explanations of the philosophy and astrology given by Max Heindel. Some people have found this material helpful to their aspirations, and helping others is what this is all about. He want to help and he does not want his work to be wasted.

In the autumn of his life, he is finding an increasing urge to share what has been so generously shared with him. He is in the midst of a very large scale project of several stages to accomplish this. He has saved approximately 700 talks and lectures. Most of the cassettes have been digitized.

You will find several Lecture Series which are immediately available through links or pending. The series which are linked are completely ready for download. The other talks will be available soon.

All recordings are now in mp3 format. This means that they can only be played back on a computer or an mp3 player.

Hence the disciple of the Ancient Wisdom is taught to realize that man is not essentially a personality, but a spirit. (Manly P. Hall)

Richard Koepsel Lecture Series Free Audio Collection

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